Website wireframes

Wireframes allow for the development of variations of a layout to maintain design consistency throughout the site

website wireframe


During the process of creating a new website there is one step which I consider very important, and I always like to explain to the clients in order to let them understand better how their site will look like,  wireframing.

Wireframe is a very simple layout made of gray blocks of the webpage, which illustrates all the functionalities of the page itself and where the different areas will be placed to be sure to give the right importance to the different aspects of the solution and to keep consistency with the other pages.

One of the best beer in the world using Drupal for its website using Drupal

It is always nice when a big company is using your favourite CMS for their website, and even nicer when this company is your favourite beer! recently showed their new website using Drupal.

Personally I don't like the layout of the website too much, but it is a matter of taste, and I hope they will add at least the english language soon. There is also some sort of error in the middle of the page which I hope they will fix soon.

Bougainvillea with vray

How to create a realistic bougainvillea plant using ivy generator and vray

This is a very simple tutorial on how to create a bougainvillea plant in vray (but of course can be used to create any kind of plant and other rendering engines). There are many ways to create it, like using pflow or 3dsmax scatter, so this is just another way which I found the more convenient for me. To follow the tutorial you will need:

Another government site made with Drupal drupal

Not that we really need it, but here is another proof that Drupal is becoming the most powerful CMS out on the market, and more and more companies and institutions are using it. the most important website of U.S. government relunched using Drupal.

Custom teasers in Drupal 6 with views 2

Refine the text lenght of your views teaser texts

Update: With the new releases of Views it is possible to do all the trimming and html stripping directly from the views UI.

While I was developing this website I run into the need of having total control over the teasers of my contents especially while using views to extract them.  Probably if you have just one content type you can manage it with the default option in drupal administration.

The simplest solution I have found is to use the neat_trim function. So what you have to do is just copy and paste the following function into your theme template.php file (just remember not to copy the "?>" php closure):