Website wireframes

Wireframes allow for the development of variations of a layout to maintain design consistency throughout the site

website wireframe


During the process of creating a new website there is one step which I consider very important, and I always like to explain to the clients in order to let them understand better how their site will look like,  wireframing.

Wireframe is a very simple layout made of gray blocks of the webpage, which illustrates all the functionalities of the page itself and where the different areas will be placed to be sure to give the right importance to the different aspects of the solution and to keep consistency with the other pages.Creating a set of wireframes for a project also acts as a way to communicate with clients and stakeholders such as content creators, engineers, and developers. Over the course of a project the wireframing exercise functions as a stable base on which to consider changes, diverse user paths, and new requirements. The information architect and information designer typically use the wireframes as a meeting of the minds and as solid working documents on which to establish the language, content, and structure of interactions users will have with a given site or project.

The creation of wireframes also helps to define the positioning of global and secondary levels of navigation in a prominent and intuitive position, as well as providing an area for utilities such as helpful information and search facilities. Generally, it is after creating wireframes that branding is applied to the site to communicate the identity and personality of the site.

16 Jun 2010