Aquamare Hotel & Spa

This website was created for the amazing 4stars hotel Aquamare in Paphos - Cyprus, which is one of the best Paphos hotel by the sea.


The aim of the site is to give an idea of what the hotel has to offer, especially in the spa area where it has its most attractive facilities.


So we suggested to the client to invest not only in the website but also in a photo gallery which should reflect the soul of the hotel. This became a key point of the success of the website both in attracting new customers and in helping tour operators to show the hotel.


The website offers the possibility to chose between three languages, and the content of each language can even be different from one to the other to better target a specific geomarket.


The first version of the website was made in Joomla, since August 2011 we are online with the new web site in Drupal 6 and since then we are following the client also for SEO (search engine optimization).